New Lime electric scooters zoom into South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Lime Electric Scooters have arrived in South Bend.

About 250 new Lime-S Electric Scooters were made available in the South Bend area recently.

Riders can now unlock these scooters for the cost of $1 and then pay 15 cents per minute of riding.

Lime officials were excited to share the new form of transportation with the city.

“That's a big part about what we do at Lime. It's transportation, it's movement, but it also is doing that in a fun way as well,” said Alex Freeman, the General Manager for Indiana.

The scooters are similar to the already introduced Lime Bikes and the company was motivated to make more forms of transportation available.

“We really feel like we have a unique ability to get our products into areas of cities that haven't otherwise had transportation options, or where maybe the transportation options were a little bit limited,” said Nico Probst , Manager of Midwest Strategic Development.

As of right now, riders cannot rider the electric scooters on the campuses of Notre Dame, Holy Cross, or St. Mary’s.

City Officials said that they will be keeping a close eye on riders to make sure those restrictions are upheld.

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