New Narcan kits help Berrien County Sheriff's save a life

For the first time, the Berrien County Sheriff's department says their Narcan kits have saved a life.

The department got their Narcan kits in December. It's taken only 3 months for one of them to be put to use.

If you're unfamiliar, Narcan is a nasal spray used to treat drug overdoses, specifically heroin. 

It came in clutch Wednesday March 9 in Sodus Township. A 35 year old was found unresponsive. And if it wasn't for Narcan, sheriff's deputies say he would have stayed that way.

"He administered the Narcan kit, the gentleman responded to it. He was taken to the hospital for further evaluation," said Sheriff Robert Boyce. "So we are crediting the Narcan kit for saving the gentlemans life and giving him a second chance."

We will continue to follow the impact of Narcan in our area. 

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