New Paris Speedway hosts Independence day celebration

NOW: New Paris Speedway hosts Independence day celebration


GOSHEN, Ind.--Food, fun, race cars, a graduation celebration, and more was on the schedule for the third annual Celebration of Independence Night of Destruction at New Paris Speedway.

“It’s fun, it’s fun for the family it’s a whole family event,” New Paris Speedway Owner Tracy Anglemeyer-Mandell said.

“We always hold it on July 3rd so people can spend time with their families on July 4th, you know doing what they normally do, their barbecues their boating stuff like that,” New Paris Speedway Owner Chris Mandell said.

New Paris Speedway owners said that because of the pandemic this year that things had to be done a little bit differently than in previous years.

“You know this event had to be run at 50% and we toiled and we thought and went back and forth when we knew this was coming during winter time you know how do we control this and how do we make sure we’re compliant what the health department wants to see and most importantly just regard peoples safety,” Mandell said.

The celebration sold out completely, with owners sadly having to turn people way.

“We can only go half capacity so we reached half capacity basically last night in our pits we reached that this morning so we had to turn people away, so that’s not something we like to do here, we know the people enjoy it here the families come out they have a great time,” Anglemeyer-Mandell said.

Aside from needing to turn some folks away, New Paris employees said that they are overjoyed to see the turnout and that so many were eager to come out and join the holiday festivities.

“It’s amazing these people have such a blast and being cooped up all year long being able to come outside again and just enjoy some of this, this is like the highlight of my week,” employee Jeremy Wortinger said.

“I think staying inside for so long can get you kind of down, you come out here you see all this fun you have fun, you laugh.”

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