Residents react to new policy for the Elkhart Police department

NOW: Residents react to new policy for the Elkhart Police department

ELKHART, Ind -- After losing the trust of city residents, the Elkhart police department has a new policy put into place by the board of public safety. The newly approved policy has been updated to address police use of force and police involved shootings. 

The new policy comes in after former Mayor Tim Neese called for an independent review of the Elkhart police department for beating a handcuffed suspect in 2019. 

Since this unfortunate action took place in 2019, local residents have turned their backs on the cities law enforcement.

"I’m glad they’re doing something about it man because since Trayvon Martin happened man it’s been dying since then. People say it’s just a whole lot of black on white crimes, no it’s not." said local resident Raevon Williams.

Many local residents believe this is a step in the right direction but it does not mean much unless officers are willing to listen to the people they're meant to protect.

Board of public safety member Arvis Dawson had his own thoughts on the policy stating that "There’s an expectations that we have for the police department from these policies and the board of safety is responsible for making sure these expectations are met." 

Now that the policy is in place, the next step is taking action when it comes time for this policy to be put into action. 

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