New rail service to connect three states

It is a $350,000 investment to connect three states into one rail service and is called The Chicago-Fort Wayne-Columbus Passenger Rail.

At this time Mayors in nine cities have signed an agreement for the project to move forward. The train will connect 100 Midwest cities and some of the local stops include Plymouth, Warsaw, and Fort Wayne.

Passengers will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and food service while getting to travel from Chicago to Columbus.

Throughout the project, the train service hopes to create about 12,000 temporary construction jobs and more than 26,000 permanent jobs. The train will allow an inexpensive option for travelers and cut down on road congestion.

Organizers plan to use existing railroad tracks to minimize building costs. Some communities where there are train stops will reestablish their historic train stations.

To read more about the project, click here.

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