New restrictions on pseudoephedrine now in effect

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- New restrictions on the purchase of pseudoephedrine went into effect on July 1 in Indiana because it is one of the main ingredients in meth.

"I have seen some crazy stuff in front of kids, it’s terrible. Every night you open the newspaper and there is somebody in there that's been caught for meth and then they turn right around and you see repeat offenders,” said Lloyd Shroyer, Kosciusko County resident.

Meth is a big problem, especially in Kosciusko County. It has been difficult to manage.

Some police and lawmakers believe that one way to get ahead of the problem is to limit how easy it is to get the ingredients for meth.

A new Indiana law restricts one of those ingredients, pseudoephedrine.

"The new law actually has 61.2 grams is what it is regulated at on a 365 day schedule. That's what you are allowed to purchase in the state of Indiana at this time,” said Sergeant Chad Hill of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department.

The new law drastically reduces the amount of pseudoephedrine that any one person can buy. It went into effect just this week. 

Some local pharmacies like Zale drugs and the Pill Box in Warsaw do not sell pseudoephedrine products, unless the buyer has a prescription for the drug.

"We actually in this store do not sell it without a prescription, that's just our policy,’ said Becky Shroyer, Pharmacist at Zale Drugs.

"This drug should be made prescription only. It would just make our lives so much simpler. You have got one medication that is doing all this harm to the community, not only our community but communities all over Indiana,” said Bill Winn, Pharmacist at the Pill Box.

Pseudoephedrine comes in basic cold medicines. If you have a cold, you will be able to purchase enough to treat your symptoms.

Click here to read the full text of the law restricting pseudoephedrine.

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