New security cameras coming to Benton Harbor High School

NOW: New security cameras coming to Benton Harbor High School

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- This coming April Benton Harbor Area Schools will be installing hundreds of new cameras and a new security station inside Benton Harbor High School. 

ABC 57 went to Benton Harbor Area Schools and spoke with Troy Boone the Chief Operations Manager for the district.

He showed a layout of where exactly the cameras will be installed on top of the new locations that will reveal blind spots inside the school. 

"We have a very antiquated system in the high school and we have money in the gang prevention grant that will pay for this project," Boone said. 

They will use $350,000 out of the $2 million grant to purchase 380 cameras, along with a new security station.

A quarter of those cameras will be installed inside the classrooms.

"We will have 111 classrooms that are going to have cameras in it, where we didn't have those before. That will give extra security to the teaching staff and will definitely help our security," Boone said. 

Along with the classrooms, the high school has a lot of blind spots; the new cameras will target those areas as well. 

"We have a lot of blind spots, that's why we're going for about 80 cameras to approximately 242 cameras inside and out of the district," Boone said. 

Koontz-Wagner in South Bend will be installing the cameras and security station. We reached out to them to see what the new cameras will look like but haven't heard back from them yet. 

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