New South Bend resolution plans to target gun violence

NOW: New South Bend resolution plans to target gun violence

On Sunday, the South Bend Council put together a community meeting aimed at educating the community on gun safety and violence.

The event is called Resolution for Gun Safety and it’s being held in the near Northwest neighborhood.

About three weeks ago, this street was closed off after multiple people were shot, leaving one person dead.

According to the South Bend Council, this event was organized because of the recent epidemic of gun violence in this neighborhood.

The resolution will be voted on March 27th, where the community hopes to press legislators in Indiana and Washington DC to enact common sense gun laws  that protect the lives of citizen, but also people’s second amendment rights!

This will also call for universal background checks on all gun sales. Again, the council says this will close the internet gun sale loopholes that allow 40 per cent of all sales to go without background checks as only license dealers are required to perform.

But, the community wants more. The second part of the resolution asks for mandatory removal of guns by judges and police from those who by law are domestic abusers or stalkers.

The event will be held here at this community center on Portage Avenue. It’s sent to start at 2:30 p.m. and will end at 4.

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