New treatment facility brings different approach to fighting drug addiction

NOW: New treatment facility brings different approach to fighting drug addiction

WARSAW, Ind. -- A new treatment center is bringing a different approach to fighting drug addiction. 

The center is called Groups Recover Together. It takes a community approach for treatment and stresses the importance of group therapy for recovery.

“We specialize in and we focus on primarily opiates,” said Ann Hasse, substance abuse counselor with Groups Recover Together. “Of course we have people that come in that have used, or maybe are using other substances as well, but their primary concern is their opiate use.”

The center also specializes in keeping a small feel for those seeking help. Hasse says many offices can be found off the beaten path.

“In some treatment facilities you can feel like you’re a little fish swimming in a big bowl, so we offer a smaller atmosphere,” said Hasse.

But she says that doesn’t mean the treatment center is there to compete with other area options. Rather, it provides people with a different option that might fit their personal interests or needs. 

“The important thing, I’m learning, is playing together as a team,” said Hasse. “Because if we all come together no matter what treatment center we’re from, we can tackle the battle.”

Groups provides weekly group therapy sessions with counselors, monthly check-ins with physicians and medication assistance for drug addiction. The counselors also strive to provide an open door for patients. 

"They are welcome to come in however many times that they want,” said Hasse. “If they're having a bad day on a Wednesday but their group isn't until Friday, we encourage our members, call us, come in. Don't sit at home or don't wander out and about thinking 'Oh I've just got to get through today.' We encourage them to come in and be part of a group or come in and talk." 

The organization also works to keep that door open for a low cost. All treatment, outside of prescriptions, is included within a $65 weekly fee. 

Groups is in seven states so far. Indiana alone has more than any other state, with now 23 offices and still looking to expand in areas like Plymouth and La Porte. 

 Hasse says after working in the field more than 15 years, the increasing number of treatment centers might be a good thing as it heightens awareness to the problem. A problem she says, that carries a lot of shame for those struggling with it. 

“Shame is a big deal when it comes to addiction, because nobody wakes up and says ‘Oh I’m going to take this pain medicine to feel better after my surgery’ and ever think that six months down the road they’re going to be addicted,” she said. "I think the more we talk about it and the more that we help people come out of that shame, I think there are pockets of people realizing 'okay, this is a thing we need to look at, this is something we really need to focus on and address' and have compassion maybe. And that awareness is a good thing.”

The center will host an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 5 from noon to 3:30 p.m. It is located at 2194 North Pointe Drive in Warsaw. Hasse welcomes everyone to visit during that open house to learn more about the center.

The office is also hosting a donation drive for military members and veterans. They are asking for toiletries and nonperishable items to be dropped off at the center.

That donation drive will continue through September 5 during the ribbon-cutting event and open house. 

For more information, the office can be contacted by calling 574-343-1939. 

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