Indy Zoo's newest giraffe steps out for the first time

Video courtesy: Indianapolis Zoo

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis Zoo’s 4-month-old giraffe calf ventured outside this week to play in the zoo’s public yard and bask in the warm weather.

On his first day out, Kendi spent several hours exploring areas of the habitat alongside the rest of his herd.

Kendi was born on November 8, 2020 to mom Kita and dad Majani.

An African name meaning “loved one,” the name Kendi was chosen by Facebook users in a poll taken shortly after the calf was born.

Kendi was the first calf born to his mom, and weighed 137 pounds at birth. Originally 6 feet tall at birth, Kendi now stands at 7 ½ feet tall, and is expected to be several feet taller by his first birthday.

As natives to Sub-Saharan Africa, giraffes like Kendi are sensitive to cold and wet weather. Because of this, the warm weather seen this week gives the giraffes the opportunity to play outside before fluctuating temperatures and rain move into central Indiana in the coming weeks, the Indianapolis Zoo said.

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