Newton Park hosts 16th Annual fireworks show

NOW: Newton Park hosts 16th Annual fireworks show

LAKEVILLE, Ind.--- Newton Park held its 16th Annual Independence Day concert and fireworks show on Sunday. The event was funded by the Park's second "Flag the Field" campaign.

"It’s just a staple and a tradition in our community that everyone looks forward to because we do try to make it as patriotic as we can," said Kim Mishler, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Newton Park. 

For just $4 people could purchase a flag to be planted at one of the soccer fields. The campaign began as a way to fund the show after the COVID pandemic threatened to postpone the show in 2020. 

"Last year during COVID we started Flag the Field in order to raise money and actually have the fireworks so we continued that this year," said Mishler. "If you look out on our field this year you’ll see 2021 American flags that our team put out on Friday."

Sunday's show once again drew guests from across Michiana.

"I just heard it was a lot of fun," said Jennifer Bailey, came from Mishawaka. "We heard a lot of people were coming out tonight so we’ve just been enjoying ourselves being here, a lot of good music a lot of good songs."

Bailey said her first time at the concert and fireworks show was definitely worth the travel. 

"We’re definitely coming out next year and this was actually my first year being here so we’re glad that my family invited me out here," said Bailey.

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