Niles and Buchanan will move forward with medical marijuana facilities

NOW: Niles and Buchanan will move forward with medical marijuana facilities


Resolutions to develop ordinances on Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Facilities Act passed through the council in both Niles and Buchanan on Monday.

In Buchanan, four city commissioners voted in favor and one in opposition.

Commissioner Patricia Moore says while she voted in opposition, she is looking forward to the prospect of new business in the city.

 “We believe in the city and we believe in democracy. Tonight the presiding vote was to be in favor of it so now it's incumbent on every citizen to just make sure that they stay involved and make sure that any of the negative impacts are not felt by this special community,” said Moore.

In Niles, one council members voted in opposition and seven in favor.

Several said the community’s strong voice led them to vote against their own beliefs.

“They want it! We decided that it's not about us, it's not about me. It's about you, the people,” says Councilmember Charlie Mcafee.

Niles Mayor Nick Shelton says this is where the work begins. The state begins issuing permits in December and in the meantime the cities will develop the specifics of their ordinance. 

“We have to decide how many facilities were going to have what types of facilities were going to have the number if it is going to have so it's going to take work from the ordinance committee planning commission lots of work going forward before the end of the year,” says Mayor Shelton.

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