Niles Burn Run donor has a special story

NILES, Mi. -- Motorcycles will inundate downtown Niles tomorrow for the Burn Run July 13-14.
Registation starts at 10am and the proceeds will send children who are burn victims to Great Lakes Burn Camp.

For one donor who works at Precision Auto Body Shop the burn run has special meaning.

Jeremy Clanton said, “I was lighting a firework in a tube and it misfired and hit my hand... It was very painful but like I said, it’s only my hand, so I can’t imagine if it was more than that.”

Clanton said “This year it’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to ride.”

He said the pain was excruciating and he won’t be able to ride his motorcycle this weekend in the Niles Burn Run.

 “We’ve always thought it was a great cause so we’ve always tried to be the number one donor of the burn run but since I’ve hurt my hand.. I had a situation where I got burnt as well... and you have a different appreciation for what a burn means.”

Jeremy’s devotion to the race runs deep.

Jodi Curran, Board member for Niles Burn Run, said  “He’s been very helpful to the Burn Run. They’re also following us in our route this year in case a motorcycle breaks down so that they can tow it back fro them.”

The Niles Burn Run trailer was stolen and then returned just a few weeks ago, which Curran said was a pleasant surprise.

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