Niles Depot to close ticketing window

NOW: Niles Depot to close ticketing window

NILES, Mich. --- Amtrak announced it will be closing the ticketing window at the historic Niles Railroad Depot starting March 1.

A representative said travelers who need ticketing or other services will have to use the South Bend station, 14 miles away from Niles.

“I’m headed to Chicago to catch a flight to Biloxi, Mississippi,” said Marcus Adams, whose travels started at the Niles Depot on Saturday.

Adams said sometimes he buys his tickets at the station from Tod, the Amtrak ticketing attendant.

“Sometimes I purchase them online” he said.

In a statement, an Amtrak representative said

The Amtrak station at Niles, Mich., will no longer have a staffed ticket window, effective Mar. 1, 2018. Passengers boarding at or traveling to Niles should note the following:

• Waiting Area: Passengers will continue to have access to the station waiting area and  restrooms.

•Passenger Assistance: Amtrak personnel on the train will assist passengers boarding and detraining at Niles.

• Customers can make reservations and obtain eTickets at, using our free mobile apps, or by calling 800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245). Your eTickets can be printed at home or displayed using a smartphone (no printing necessary).

• Passengers who require ticketing or other services provided by Amtrak station employees can use the South Bend (Ind.) station, located 14 miles south of Niles.

The representative said he would not comment on what the future plans for Tod are.

“I saw this coming a long time you know,” Adams said.

A Facebook group named “Save Todd at Niles Amtrak,” writes Tod is “important to a lot of elderly and disabled travelers, who need him here.”

The group is going so far as to call Niles city councilmembers, Mayor Nick Shelton, and even, Congressman Fred Upton.

“I think it would be nice to have someone here seven days a week,” Adams said.

The Amtrak representative said he knows this is a historic depot, and said there will still be an attendant inside the building.



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