Niles drug support group hosts life-saving training event

NOW: Niles drug support group hosts life-saving training event

NILES, Mich. --- A group of people in Berrien County went through Narcan kit training Thursday evening.

The event called Community Overdose Prevention Training was free to all participants. Event organizers said they wanted to provide the community with the tools they need to save a life.

“The importance of these trainings is that no one should be left alone in a situation where they might risk their life,” said Kerri Teachout, Voice Change Hope Alliance official.

Berrien County ranks 8th in the state of Michigan for drug overdoses, making training sessions similar to this one very important.

“It’s more about helping them, helping themselves, helping their friends, helping the situation,” Teachout said.

Each participant received a free Narcan kit, which is the antidote for an opiate overdose, that’ll reverse the effects of an overdose that might result in death.

Naxolone is a nasal spray that restores breathing that’s been dangerously slowed because of a heroin or prescription pill overdose.

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