Niles food pantry in dire need of donations

NILES, Mich. – The food pantry at the Salvation Army in Niles is in dire need of donations. Their director says their food supply is so low they don’t have enough food to feed the families in need the rest of the week.

In these tough economic times, Jan Nowak, Director of Caring Ministries and Social Services at the Salvation Army, says it is a double-edged sword.

There is a greater need because a lot of industries are dying in the area and people are out of work.

The people that usually give are giving less because they just don’t have the means.

The Salvation Army gives food to over 100 families each month.

Nowak says she prays that people start bringing donations in so they can do that the rest of the year

“It’s critical. We are at a place now where we won’t be able to feed the rest of these families for this week without immediate intervention,” said Nowak.

Nowak says no amount of food or money is too small to donate.

All of the food donated stays local.

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