Niles mom seeks help to get a van for her paralyzed daughter

 Imagine being closed off from the world. Not being able to step foot outside and enjoy the people and places that make this country great. 

That's the reality for a girl in Niles, completely paralyzed. She just wants the chance to be like everyone else.

Rhonda Cravens, like any mom, wants the best life for her child. 

"She knows love and she gives love and she teaches," said Cravens. "How can anyone meet her and realize that she can be happy and then think their life is horrible."

Her paralyzed daughter Kristen wants access to a handicap accessible van to do things like go to the Potawatami zoo or shop for Christmas presents. 

Rhonda says her insurance will cover the installation of a wheelchair lift. But that can only be done on a vehicle newer than 5 years. So she needs a new handicap accessible van. Rhonda says this is her last resort. More than anything she just wants her daughter to enjoy life like anyone of us would. 

"Medically and socially I just want so much more for her," said Cravens. "And I couldn't think of any way else to do it besides ask for help. I'm not likely to win the lottery anytime soon. So I'm asking for help."

Rhonda has set up a Go Fund Me page for her daughter Kirsten. They need about $15,000 dollars for a new van. To help put, you can donate here

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