Niles Superbowl style poker tournament

NILES, MICHIGAN – With the biggest night in football, the Superbowl, people all across the nation are making bets on their favorite team, but folks in Niles were doing a different type of gambling. 

Joey Armadillo’s held a poker tournament Superbowl party and half the proceeds went to Niles Community Schools.

So far the poker players have raised almost a thousand dollars for the school.

“Everybody likes Baltimore, so I am rooting for San Francisco,” said Mike Kohen.

There were fans rooting for both teams at Joey Armadillo’s for the Superbowl poker party.

“Superbowl tournament is probably our biggest. It has over fifty people,” said Anthony Todd.

The majority of these poker players were more worried about the jackpot than the winner of the game.

“First prize could be up to $2,000, depending on how many people rebuy in,” said Todd.

But just like the Superbowl, there were some serious players in this game.

“I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 12 and I learned how to play online while I was in the hospital,” said McGowen.

“I have been playing poker for almost fifty years,” said Kohen.

The winner of this tournament will turn a pretty profit.

“A lot of action and it should be profitable for the winner,” said Kohen.

Poker players said the evening was really about giving back to Niles Community Schools.

“It is all third graders and it is part of their social studies curriculum.  They are going down to Lansing to explore the capital,” said Todd.

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