NIPSCO scam returns in Michigan City

The NIPSCO scam has returned for collection of ‘past due payments’ and ‘new or defective meters,’ according to the Michigan City Police.

Authorities say customers will receive a phone call either late at night or on the weekend regarding immediate disconnection of electric service due to a faulty meter, need for a replacement meter, or past due payments.

The caller will then state only immediate payments will be accepted. However, the customer cannot pay with a debit or credit card. 

The scammer will ask for payment in the form of a ‘Green Dot MoneyPak’ card, which is a temporary pre-paid card.

Calls have been said to be at random.

According to authorities, NIPSCO will never ask customers to purchase pre-paid debit cards to settle payments.

Police say if you receive a call claiming to be your utility company, hang up and call NIPSCO customer service at 1-800-464-7726.

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