No longer a mask mandate in Indiana

NOW: No longer a mask mandate in Indiana

ELKHART, Ind -- After a surprise a veto override on Monday, there is no longer a mask mandate in the state of Indiana and all county pandemic precautions will need to be approved by local lawmakers.

Since the passing of senate bill 5, Elkhart County commissioner Brad Rogers believes it's time for the people to make up their mind.

"We should inform the people, let them make a decision on whether or not they want to wear a mask, whether they want to stay home, whether they want to go to a restaurant." said Brad Rogers.

Now that the mask mandate has been lifted, restaurants and other private establishments have the option to enforce or not to enforce wearing a mask to their employees and customers.

"There’s been some pushback in the last few weeks from guest coming in saying I thought that the mask mandate had already been lifted and this will simplify things." said owner of Flippin Cow, Chubby Trout, & Smokin Fatty’s, Cam Snyder.

Although the mask mandate was set to expire Friday, May 14, the news was unexpected and many believe it is the way to go moving forward.

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