Non-profit organization continues to help homeowners during pandemic

NOW: Non-profit organization continues to help homeowners during pandemic

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—The non-profit organization, Rebuilding Together in St. Joseph County has been helping families in St. Joseph County for over 30 years.   

 “It was originally founded in an effort to help those communities, and if you well, neighbors in the community that is elderly or financially unable to do some of the home improvements that they need to have done,” Treasurer Richard Rozenboom said. 

 In a typical year, the non-profit organization can repair around 22 homes. Restoring and tidying up homes for the elderly, low-income, veterans, and disabled neighbors in the community. 

Every year, the non-profit organization recruits as many as 400 to 600 hundred community volunteers, all coming together for one cause, to help homeowner rehabilitate their homes whether it’s by painting, cleaning the yard, adding a new furnace, or roof, or even plumbing and electrical repairs.    

The past year with the ongoing pandemic, the organization had to adjust limiting the homes they were able to help, but they’ve also been challenged with fundraising efforts to continue their mission. 

“Funding is really the biggest limitation when it comes to the work that we’re able to do. So the more donations that we get, the more homeowners that we can help. And it not only helps the homeowner but it helps the community at large, we’re helping to beautify neighborhoods,” Elizabeth Leachman, the project manager said. 

 The organization takes donations year-round. Click here for more information

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