Nonfood Trunk or Treat happening in Elkhart Saturday

NOW: Nonfood Trunk or Treat happening in Elkhart Saturday

ELKHART, Ind.--- Hillcrest United Methodist Church will be hosting an inclusive trunk or treat event this afternoon from 4:30 until 6. The event is inspired by a Michiana boy with severe food allergies.

Four year old Archer Stuck, has allergies to nuts, eggs, wheat, and more. His mother, Jamie, wanted him to have an opportunity to enjoy Halloween, but was concerned about allergic reactions from the candies he might receive. 

"There’s not really a safe option for him with the candy that’s out there, so my husband and I were talking about 'What can we do to make it safe for him?' and turn it into a safe trick or treating experience," said Jamie Stuck. "This kind of evolved into, 'Would it be possible to have a trunk or treat with all nonfood items?'."

After almost a year of planning, Stuck is finally able to host that nonfood trunk or treat. The event is free and open to the public. 

Kids can enjoy games, activities, and prizes. The Elkhart Fire Department will even be in attendance. 

"It’s not just for food allergy children. Any child is welcome, it’s not just for food allergies or a medical issue, but there are other children that we’re doing this for. Kids that have diabetes, kids that have feeding tubes or just food aversions, or parents that just tired of having so much candy for Halloween," said Stuck. 

You can find more information here.

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