Norte Dame's Lead Innovation Team offering parents free lead testing kit

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The Notre Dame Lead Innovation Team has developed a free lead screening kit for parents of young children.

In collaboration with the St. Joseph County Health Department, parents are encouraged to test for lead, especially with children spending more time at home due to the pandemic.

The free DIY screening kit allows parents to collect paint, soil, and dust samples in and around the home.

Parents can submit their kits for analysis and receive a report in indicating either the presence or absence of lead and explaining the findings.

The report includes steps for minimizing lead exposure, such as cleaning up lead dust and covering bare soil.

In addition, the report will have information about other lead-related services through the St. Joseph County Health Department and the city of South Bend.

The most common source of lead poisoning is in lead-based paint, contaminated soil, and dust, particularly in homes built before 1978.

Almost 80% of homes in South Bend were built before 1980, and many contain lead paint, particularly in older neighborhoods near the city center.

St. Joseph County recommends that all children age six or younger have their blood tested for lead exposure.

The Health Department offers free lead risk assessment in homes with children 6 and younger, pregnant women, and previously lead-poisoned children, and the city of South Bend additionally offers grants for lead-safe repair kits for eligible households.

For more information or to request a free lead screening kit visit:

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