Northridge High School honors student killed in crash

NOW: Northridge High School honors student killed in crash

MIDDLEBURY, Ind.— One day after a deadly car crash took the life of Northridge High School Junior Gabe Bowers, students and staff participated in a touching tribute for their fallen friend’s family.

“Gabe was a raider, and we all stick together at the end of the day,” said Laney McFarland, a friend of Gabe.

A rowdy crowd filled the stands at Northridge High Friday.

They were ready for a battle against Goshen High School on the football field.

Meanwhile, quite a few folks battled with tears on the sidelines.

“Gabe was somebody that always put a smile on somebody’s face, even when gabe was down, he came to school and made everybody smile.”

 16-year-old Gabe Bowers life would come to an end Thursday, after being killed in a car crash in Elkhart County.

But his legacy lives on.

“We just want to make sure that above all things, we care for his family and we care for his friends and make sure his family knows that he will be missed,” said Drew Wood, the high school’s principal.

Friends say he will be missed but never forgotten.

Many of them normally wear green clothes to home games, but this time they dressed in Purple, Gabe’s favorite color.

They released purple balloons and signed a poster board offering words of encouragement to his family.

“We love you guys and [his sister] we want you to know that we’re here for you at school and we want you to stay strong,” said McFarland.

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