Notre Dame Athletics announces partnership with Legends, JMI Sports

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- The University of Notre Dame announced on Thursday its athletics department is partnering with Legends and JMI Sports to oversee the university's sales, marketing, hospitality, media rights and branding services.

“As we embarked upon this task of finding the best strategic fit for Notre Dame, we made it clear that we were seeking partners who understood the unique opportunities offered by the Notre Dame brand,” Jack Swarbrick, the Director of Athletics, said. “We believe this partnership recognizes the value of the Notre Dame brand and offers enough creativity and innovation to return significant revenue opportunities for all parties to the agreement. We expect that resulting new initiatives will provide corporate sponsors and Notre Dame fans additional new, engaging and entertaining ways to connect with our University and its athletic program."

JMI Sports has similar partnerships with Clemson University, the University of Kentucky, the University of Georgia, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

“Notre Dame approached its analysis with the clear objective of creating an outcome that will maximize the opportunities for its unique brand,” said JMI Sports CEO Erik Judson. “In developing our solution to meet those very high expectations, we believe the combined value proposition offered by a JMI Sports/Legends partnership will exceed those expectations. This partnership will provide extraordinary financial upside while at the same time allowing Notre Dame to maintain control of the most influential and revered brand in college sports.”

Legends has been partnering with Notre Dame since 2013 and was a part of the Campus Crossroads Project.

“Our commitment includes building a team of highly qualified sports and sponsorship professionals who have a strong affection and understanding of Notre Dame, its history and its iconic reputation,” said Shervin Mirhashemi, President and CEO of Legends. “In partnership with JMI Sports, we look forward to tapping into the experience and relationships we have built with some of the largest and most well-known brands in sports, media and entertainment to help expand the incredible opportunities available through this partnership.”

The new partnership will include Notre Dame’s national football radio rights.

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