Notre Dame beats Boston College by 50 in Niele Ivey's 100th game at the helm

NOW: Notre Dame beats Boston College by 50 in Niele Ivey’s 100th game at the helm

SOUTH BEND, Ind – It was 98-48 win for the Irish, avoiding back-to-back losses at Purcell Pavilion. 

A 50-point win on a Thursday night? Not sure who would pass up on that.

Coming into tonight's matchup against Boston College, Notre Dame had a goal to give the fans what they deserved after their 61-57 loss to UNC Sunday.

Missing from Sunday's game was Maddy Westbeld, sitting out with a concussion, as Sonia Citron made her first appearance since November 15, 2023, rehabbing a right leg injury.

In a surprise, both players made the starting lineup Thursday night.

"It was just good to feel that cohesive bonding with them especially after a loss," Westbeld mentioned.

Westbeld was a force to be reckoned with in her first game back since recovering from a concussion on the road against the University of Pitt, earning 15 points and 15 rebounds, in route to tonight's win.

"I thought she was so dominant and obviously, we missed her this past week with her having a concussion. She just brings that level of toughness, her ability to average a double-double with just her presence," Head Coach Niele Ivey said.

Notre Dame was simply more dominant for 40 minutes.

It was the perfect game and win for Ivey in her 100th game as the head coach for Notre Dame Women's Basketball.

"It means everything, to have this type of game just to come out with the level of intensity that we came out with. Their zone is very scrappy. So, we've been working on all week trying to find different offenses that I felt like could beat their zone. And I felt like we came out right away, executed really well," Ivey added.

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