Notre Dame defense looking to clean up


Temple is proving they have what it takes for a matchup like this against Notre Dame.

Temple is a perfect 7-0 right now.

If they go 8-0 after this game, it will be the first time they’ve gotten a start like that in program history.

The Irish also have a lot at stake since they are sitting at the number nine spot in the polls.

A win tonight for Notre Dame would of course help to keep them in the top ten next week as well as keep any playoff aspirations alive down the road. 

Head Coach Brian Kelly says his defense is looking to clean a few things up this week. 

Guys like Jaylon Smith, Keivarae Russell, and Joe Schmidt have led the team this year, especially since Jaylon has tallied 56 tackles which is the most so far.

In order to claim another victory, the Irish will need to come out strong and stay consistent.

“I just think that they have not put the four quarters together that they’re capable of. I think that that’s going to happen. I really do I’m not just wishing. I think when all of those guys are playing together and we’re not making some of the correctable mistakes that we can play really good football defensively,” said Head Coach Brian Kelly.

Fans aren’t wasting any time getting ready for a full day of college football as College Gameday is in attendance this weekend.

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