Notre Dame encourages fans to arrive early

Crews at Notre Dame are getting ready for nearly 14,000 people to head to campus on Saturday for the hockey and basketball games.

University officials are urging hockey fans to park at Innovation Park and a complimentary shuttle will take them to the Compton Ice Arena.
Landscaper John Rehmels says they have been working around the clock for several days to try to clear the snow.
"We're continuously plowing snow, moving it off the sidewalks, putting down salt, putting down de-icer that type of thing,” said Rehmels.

Rehmels says 33 people are on staff to remove snow and clear the parking lots at Notre Dame.

"It builds up pretty quick. We have a couple guys on loaders that move the snow to other areas of campus,” said Rehmels.

Both the hockey and basketball games are sold out.

Brian Pracht, Notre Dame's Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing, encourages fans to leave home early to help prevent a traffic jam.

"Every seat has been sold, so that's going to put capacity around 9,200 for men's basketball and pretty much the same for hockey. We'll be a near sell out which will put us around 5,000,” said Pracht.

South Bend Police will be directing traffic at SR23 and Edison where the traffic lights are out.

Pracht says basketball fans are encouraged to park at the Bulla Road lot and the Library parking lot and ride the shuttles.

Click here for a parking map
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