Notre Dame fans preparing for Saturday's big game

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Fans are predicting a big win for Notre Dame's football team in their season opener against Temple on Saturday. Fans were already out celebrating the big game Friday night.

"I want to root for Temple, but Notre Dame has a chance to do more this year as far as the season goes, so I think I have to root for Notre Dame," said Temple student Jayson Loose.

Not everyone is so sure which team they want to see go home with a win Saturday.

"Of course I'm Irish. I think that's a pre-requisite most of the time. I've been an Irish fan all my life, but then went to Temple University, so this weekend's tough. I'm torn," said Temple alum Sean Boyle.

But there are a lot more 'golden domers' who are Notre Dame loyalists through and through.

One Notre Dame alum, Tim Czech, traveled from Wisconsin to attend this weekend's season opener.

"I went here, just graduated in May, I was in the band actually so I'm excited to see the band and see all of my friends and it's just all part of the Notre Dame experience. I'm excited for the game. The team is looking really good this year," said Czech.

Because there's some uncertainty that comes with any first game of the season, we wondered if fans were worried the owls would take the Irish by surprise.

But most people said they were predicting a huge win for Notre Dame.

"59-0, Notre Dame and that's easing up in the second half," said fan Anthony O'Hara.

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