Notre Dame fights for the win against Virginia Tech 32-29

BLACKSBURG, VA -- After a first quarter dominated by Virginia Tech, Notre Dame was able to make a key stop in the second quarter before the Hokies completely overtook the game.

After the Irish pulled off a goal-line stand and forced two incomplete passes, Virginia Tech settled for a 19-yard field goal.

The Irish pull ahead 14-13 going into halftime.

Virginia Tech’s offense started strong going into the third quarter leaving little room for Irish error.

Although Notre Dame was able to intercept a two-point conversion pass, they still let Virginia gain momentum going into the fourth.

Both teams traded touchdowns to tie the game 29-29 with 2:26 left in the fourth quarter.

The night would ultimately belong to The Fighting Irish as they made a field goal with 0:17 left in the game 32-29.

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