Notre Dame Football's game in Ireland remains on the schedule - for now

NOW: Notre Dame Football’s game in Ireland remains on the schedule - for now

During a virtual press conference Tuesday, Notre Dame Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick took questions from the media about changes to college sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Swarbrick did not make any announcements concerning the football season, he did answer a question about whether Notre Dame will play the season opener against Navy in Ireland on August 29.

“Our focus, in part because there’s no reason to have a different focus, is on moving forward towards it. We get more information every day. We get more information from Ireland. We get a better sense of the state of college football generally and whether it can begin on time. Until so many of the blanks are filled in, we’re not at a point yet where we’re prepared to do anything other than plan for it. Having said that, we recognize the risk. We recognize all the things that could happen in the next weeks and month that could cause us to decide we can’t do that, but at present it’s still on the calendar and we’re still preparing as if we’re going to play," Swarbrick said.

Swarbrick added he is working with conference commissioners to determine a start to the college football season, but admits it will be a challenge with so many state mandates to factor in.

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