Notre Dame grads seek community help for Olympics push

Chris Giesting, Jade Barber, and Patrick Feeney are three recent Notre Dame grads warming up for the chance of a lifetime. Competing for a berth in the 2016 Olympic Games. 

"A lot of people back home are excited that I'm even going to have the opportunity just to be at the trials running with gold, Olympic medalists," said Chris Giesting, a 400m competitor.

"We're giving it our all," said Patrick Feeney, also a 400m competitor. "We're not slacking at all. On the track we are busting our butts everyday trying to give ourselves the best chance to make that team."

For these three, It's a long way to the finish. They've qualified for Olympic trials. Now they must practice every day and maintain a strict conditioning  regiment, all while maintaining part-time jobs on campus. 

"If you saw how hard we work at practices I guarantee we're working probably harder than anyone else in the country," said Feeney. 

But finances have become a hurdle. They will have up to three trips to Oregon for qualifying trials. That's a lot of plane tickets. A lot of physical therapy. And a lot of costly hotel stays. All out of pocket. Now they're asking you to join their team by donating to their Go Fund Me page. Their Olympic dreams depend on it.

"Growing up they must have had some very big dream that they couldn't accomplish because something held them back," said 100m hurdler Jade Barber. "Just helping someone else reach their dream might make up for them not reaching theirs."

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