Notre Dame grads show school spirit at Pope's address to Congress


Out of the many of people in Washington D.C., ABC57 found and spoke with three Notre Dame graduates who were in town to see Pope Francis address the US Congress.

They all said this moment really took their Catholic education and brought it into everyday life.

"Go Irish! Always happy to say I went to Notre Dame," Andy Astuno, Notre Dame graduate, said.

Astuno wasn't the only Notre Dame Graduate showing off his alma mater while the Holy Father addressed leaders of our country.

On Thursday both Astuno and Tom Weiler separately attended the pope's address to Congress but had the same idea when it came to attire.

"I saw some other Notre Dame attire. I think people were thinking along those lines as well," Astuno said.

Not only did the two alumni dress alike but seeing the leader of the Catholic Church address Congress made both reflect on the importance of their Catholic education

"At Notre Dame definitely strengthen my Catholicism and to come and see the Pope here was just, fortunate that I was able to see this," Weiler said.

"One of the central tenants of Catholic education is to get out and experience what it is your are talking about in the classroom," said Astuno.

Michael Griffin also graduated from Notre Dame and now teaches at Holy Cross.

"We got here and settled in and choose some good seats on the terrace and then began Tweeting and Periscoping, recording to send the message back to Holy Cross College," said Griffin.

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