Notre Dame Graduation 2012

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  It's that time of year again.  College students are putting away the books and heading off into the real world.  Congratulations to the class of 2012!

Notre Dame undergraduates received their diplomas Sunday.

With a turn of the tassle, Notre Dame students became alumni, and flipped to the next page in their lives.

"Looking forward to ending this chapter fo my life and starting a new one", said graduate Griffin Naylor.

Griffin Naylor was one of those graduates, and today the only people happier than him, were his parents.

"We are very proud", said Griffin's mother Beth Naylor.

Notre Dame is in his blood.  His mother and father are both fighting Irish alumni.

"I graduated here from the law school in 1986", said Beth Naylor.

Making it a dream come true for the entire family, when Griffin received his acceptance letter from the university.

"The admissions are really tough so we weren't sure", said Beth Naylor.

Now that he has a diploma in hand, Griffin says he can understand why his mom and dad wanted him to join the fighting Irish.

"The comradery..the friendship and the alumni network is something that has really helped me", said Griffin Naylor.

"The quality of the kids you meet here is top friends that i have met over 25 years ago here are still my closest confidants both personally and professionally", said Beth Naylor.

Griffin says he is ready to take all that he has learned at Notre Dame and use it in the work force.

He even crossed the stage with a job waiting for him.

"I'm moving to New York in a few weeks..i am going to be working for citi group being an investment analyst", said Griffin Naylor.


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