Notre Dame lifts restrictions after 90% of students receive first dose of vaccine

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Notre Dame lifts some restrictions on campus after reaching its goal of having 90% of students get at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The traditional college experience has been disrupted since the start of the pandemic - and with the loosened restrictions students say they’re excited to get back to normal campus life.

Walking outside without a mask. This is just one of several changes that took effect on Notre Dame’s campus Wednesday morning.

“It’s awesome that we’re finally getting back to normal. You know we took things very seriously all last semester. All through now and it’s finally really good to see people’s faces," said Sophomore, Charlie Ruland.

For some freshmen, it’s something they’ve been waiting for all year.

“I’ve never been to a football game before the pandemic so it’s really cool to see how that is," said Freshman, Jasmine Mitchell.

“I’m just really excited to kind of see what everything’s gonna be like because I have no idea truthfully," said Freshman, Jada Davis.

While things aren’t entirely open - the biggest change is in residence halls. Students will now be able to visit common spaces in buildings they don’t live in and visit hall mates with no more than 2 visitors per room.

It’s something upperclassmen are excited about - so they can finally welcome freshmen.

“We have an opportunity to give them a chance to really be a part of the community have somewhat of a normal semester in the dorms," said Sophomore, Andy Wisniewski.

Masks will still be required in all indoor spaces and within every classroom.

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