Notre Dame mosquito lab provides valuable research

ABC 57 News got an inside look at Notre Dame’s mosquito research lab.

Mosquitoes have been at the focus of Nicole Achee’s research for over two decades.

“Typically those that are most affected are also in the most resource limited settings. It is devastating for a large number of people throughout the world,” said Achee.

Achee is currently a Research Associate Professor for the Department of Biological Sciences at Notre Dame and at the Eck Institute for Global Health.

While her work takes her all over the world, she says the bugs are affecting us here at home in a big way.

“With warm temperatures and a lot of rain usually will come a lot of mosquitoes,” said Achee.

Achee is one of around two dozen faculty and staff involved in mosquito research at the university.

“We are investigating various types of approaches of mosquito control with one goal: improving the health of others,” said Achee.

Achee’s lab works on finding and testing repellents; both for personal use and larger scale prevention. Other labs focus on looking at mosquitoes on a molecular level or from particular regions of the world.

“But together this information is all towards the end goal of trying to prevent mosquitoes from biting people and therefore transferring those diseases,” said Achee.

While the research takes years, Achee says folks should follow the tried and true CDC guidelines, here.

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