Notre Dame offers new office for military connected students

NOW: Notre Dame offers new office for military connected students

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- The University of Notre Dame is helping with the transition from the battlefield to the classroom with its newly established Office of Military and Veterans Affairs.

The director Regan Jones says when some think of Notre Dame they think of the rich military history the university has.

He adds the university leadership has thought about ways to support military connected students, “They’re making a pivot from the battlefield to the classroom but they’re terrified. They’ve done incredibly brave things, but they’re terrified,” he says. “So I’m here to help build a bridge and support them in the transition.”

Jones says conversations on how Notre Dame could be more supportive have been in the works for at least 10 months now.

“I worked with the military and veteran steering committee, a veteran staff and students and we did a deep dive across the academic enterprise, elevated and examined and decided where we wanted to optimize and grow.”

Located in the ROTC building on campus, this office was created to represent the 300 military connected students.

“As we continue to improve and grow as a university we recognize it’s important to create this office to help represent that voice, help support these students as they transition,” says Jones.

Many of the 300 students had no idea they were not alone. “This office was created to ensure that we’re supporting these students.”

And that’s exactly what this office hopes to accomplish. “What we’re doing is connecting these students with one another through social programming, so that they have a community and a robust Notre Dame experience.

Jones adds military connected students have always been important to the institution and now with this new office he wants to continue growing the number of military connected students.

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