Notre Dame Police officers now wearing body cameras

The Notre Dame Police Department's officers began wearing and using body cameras over the summer.

The cameras are integrated with the cameras that were already in use in patrol vehicles.

"The increasing use of body cams in law enforcement is a positive development for the safety of our officers and the individuals with whom they interact,” Mike Seamon, Notre Dame’s vice president for campus safety and University operations, said. “The cameras also help increase transparency and accountability as well as provide better documentation to support accounts from both officers and community members.”

“Body cameras have become a vital tool in law enforcement, and in benchmarking with other college and university police departments, we learned that many have or soon will be adding them,” NDPD Chief of Police Keri Kei Shibata said. “Safety is our top priority at Notre Dame, and the addition of body cams to go along with dash cams and the 1,600 video cameras positioned on campus will create a still safer campus environment.”

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