Notre Dame responds to reports of associate professor cited in Buffalo shooter’s manifesto

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame has responded to reports that the Buffalo shooter’s so-called manifesto cited works by a Notre Dame associate professor.

A 2013 article by John Gaski, published in Investor’s Business Daily, discusses racial violence and lists statistics about interracial violent crime.

Gaski calls some well-known civil rights activists “race baiters.”

A statement from Joel Curran, Notre Dame Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, reads:

“We are appalled that a 2013 article by John Gaski, an associate professor at Notre Dame, was cited by the perpetrator of the heinous murders of innocent people in Buffalo. Whatever Professor Gaski’s intentions, we deeply regret that his words were used to support a doctrine of racial hatred. We urge all, at Notre Dame or elsewhere, to speak and act in ways that never give harbor to hatred and violence.”

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