Notre Dame student to be arraigned on murder charges

TROY, Mich. -- We have an update about a Notre Dame student who is suspected of murdering his own father.

We first told you about this story when Patrick Mikes, Sr., a Notre Dame alum, was reported missing last week.

According to WXYZ, an ABC affiliate out of Detroit, Patrick Mikes, Jr., will appear in court on Thursday to be arraigned for open murder charges in connection to his father's disappearance.

Troy police are continuing their search for Mikes, Sr., in Montrose Township. They will enlist the aid of 17 search party teams, K-9 units, GPS, and maps.

In a Wednesday night press conference, Troy Police Captain Robert Redmond stated, "I am confident, as they [the prosecutor's office] are confident, that Mr. Mikes was killed by his son."

Police said that large amounts of blood were found in the basement of the family's home. Police also stated that DNA evidence showed the blood belonged to both Mikes, Sr. and his son.

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