Notre Dame Tax Clinic sees uptick in stimulus check questions

NOW: Notre Dame Tax Clinic sees uptick in stimulus check questions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Many Americans have already received their stimulus checks, but if you have not—you are probably wondering just when you might receive it.

The IRS juggled with a number of ideas on how to get payments to the public, but now that it is rolling out the checks, many people are still anxiously waiting.

The Notre Dame Tax Clinic usually offers free services to clients in controversies with the IRS, such as audits or appeals.

Now, as people wait for their stimulus checks, they have seen less of an interest in these services, but an uptick in people wondering where their stimulus checks are and how long it will be until they receive them.

While it is settling down, Thomas expects the IRS will still be sending payments over the summer.

The new ‘Get My Payment’ tool on the IRS website can help people track the process and status of the check.

“For the folks who have already received the payment it will say ‘hey we deposited the payment into your account ending in these four digits on this date’”, Patrick Thomas said, Director of Notre Dame Tax Clinic. “For people who haven’t received the payment, it may say we’re going to send the payment on X date or we’re going to mail out your payment, but we don’t know when we’re going to do it yet.”

In some cases, there is not much else a person can do but be patient, according to Thomas.

If a person does not regularly file a tax return and is not on Social Security Disability or Veterans Benefits, that person will need to file something so that the IRS does have your information on file, according to Thomas.

For the ‘Get My Payment’ tool, click here.

For more information for non-filers, click here.

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