Notre Dame unveils The Shirt, and preps for Blue-Gold Game

Thousands of students and fans gathered at Notre Dame’s campus Friday afternoon to kick-off a weekend of annual events.

Coach Brian Kelly unveiled this year’s edition of The Shirt. The 28th edition of The Shirt includes a tribute to the late Father Ted Hesburgh.

A committee of 15 students have been working on the design since November. All of the proceeds benefit student charities.

“It’s by students, for students. So it’s a lot of work and it’s really grown into this huge undertaking and project but we love doing it and we are really supported by Notre Dame fans and alumni and students that it’s just a really rewarding thing to be a part of,” said Molly Howell, President of The Shirt committee.

Many will don the new design at Saturday’s Blue-Gold Game.

“It’s fun to get to go in the stadium one more time and get to see the boys on the field,” said Howell.

“We’re getting towards the end of the year, it’s a nice time to look back on the past year,” said Michael Conlon, The Shirt committee.

With only eight days of classes left, many students say they see this weekend’s events as a last “hoorah” of the semester.

“I think it’s just a really great opportunity for the student body to get together at the end of the year as we all head off in our separate directions,” said student Kirsten Cullinan.

While going separate directions for the summer, the Blue-Gold Game gives fans a taste of what to expect on the field in the fall.

“It’s a great way to end the year with a preview of what next semester is going to be like in football season,” said freshman Andres Rincon.

For tickets to the Blue-Gold Game, click here. For more information on purchasing this year’s edition of The Shirt, click here.

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