Notre Dame vs. Clemson: November 7, 2020

NOTRE DAME – The seventh game of the 2020 season for Notre Dame’s football team will be against the South Carolina Clemson Tigers.

The Irish are ranked 4th in the Atlantic Conference with a 6-0 winning streak so far.

The Tigers are ranked 1st in the Atlantic Conference and have a 7-0 winning streak.

Scoring Updates:

Notre Dame starts the game off strong with a 65-yard rush from Kyren Williams, just 30 seconds into the first quarter. Jonathan Doerer follows with a good PAT to bring the Irish into an early 7-0 lead.

Nine minutes into the first and after several small rushes, Doerer launches a 24-yard field goal. Irish lead 10-0.

It wouldn't take long for Clemson to answer the Irish with a play of their own.

With just over four minutes left in the first quarter D.J. Uiagalelei throws a massive 53-yard pass to Cornell Powell into the endzone. B.T. Potter kicks a good PAT. Irish lead 10-7.

Notre Dame has the ball at the beginning of the second quarter and Williams rushes several times with little progress. Two failed passes and a timeout later, the Irish lean on Doerer for another field goal, this one at 27 yards. Irish lead 13-7.

Clemson fights to shore up their points, finally settling on a field goal from Potter. Irish lead 13-10.

An 8-yard rush by Travis Etienne turns into a fumble for Clemson and gets picked up by Notre Dame's Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah who runs the rock home for 23 yards. Doerer makes good on the PAT. Irish lead 20-10.

Several minutes later in the second, Clemson fumbles again, giving Notre Dame another chance to pick their play.

The Irish put their faith into Doerer again for a 45-yard field goal, bringing them into a lead of 23-10.

But Clemson won't go down without a fight, throwing multiple passes before answering the Irish with a 45-yard field goal of their own from Potter. Irish still lead 23-13.

Three minutes into the third quarter sees several passes from Clemson who ultimately decides on a 46-yard field goal from Potter. Irish lead 23-16.

Clemson fights hard, clawing for some victory as they make small gains left and right, draining the clock in the meantime. With four minutes left in the third, Uiagalelei passes to Davis Allen for 10 yards into the endzone. Potter follows with a good PAT. With this play Clemson ties the game 23-23.

By the fourth quarter both Clemson and Notre Dame seem to have switched their tactics to just trying to get the lead over the other.

At three and a half minutes in the Irish nail a 44-yard field goal, pushing them back into the lead 26-23.

However, just two minutes later the Tigers do the same thing with a 30-yard kick. The score ties yet again, 26-26.

Coming down to the wire, Clemson amped up the offense, Etienne rushing for 3 yards with only three and a half minutes left. Potter kicks a good PAT. Clemson seizes the lead 33-26.

The last few minutes of the fourth quarter turned into a nail-biter with turnovers and incomplete passes left and right. With only 22 seconds left in the game, Notre Dame's Ian Book passed to Avery Davis for a 4-yard touchdown. Doerer kicks the PAT to tie the game yet again, 33-33.

With no time left and a tied score, the game goes into overtime.

Right as the OT quarter opens, the Tigers' Uiagalelei comes in with a 24-yard pass to Powell. Potter makes good on the PAT. Clemson leads 40-33.

But the Irish would not be outdone. Williams rushes for 3 yards and Doerer scores the PAT. Irish tie the game back up 40-40.

Now its Notre Dame's turn to push the lead, Williams with another 3-yard rush and Doerer with a good kick. Irish lead 47-40.

As the clock runs out, Notre Dame secures victory over Clemson, giving them a 7-0 winning streak.

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