Notre Dame vs. USC

In the last game of Notre Dame's regular season, the Fighting Irish would take on the USC Trojans at the Coliseum on Saturday. 

USC puts the first points on the board with a 37 yard field goal by Trojans kicker Matt Boremeester. USC up 3-0. 

Notre Dame touchdown! Deshone Kizer with a 1 yard carry and Justin Yoon with the kick, puts the Irish ahead 7-3. 

Trojans respond with a touchdown of their own. USC Sophomore Ronald Jones II with a 57 yard run straight to the endzone send the Trojans up 10-7. 

Deep in the 2nd, Trojans with another touchdown. Adoree Jackson with a 55 yard punt return. USC 17-7. 

Pick 6 USC for the touchdown and the extra point is good! Trojans 24-7. 

USC leads Notre Dame 24-7 at the half. 

Notre Dame responds with their second touchdown, Irish move to 14-24. 

Adoree Jackson with another score for the Trojans. USC 31-14. 

With just a minute left in the 3rd, Deshone Kizer completes a 29 yard pass to K. Stepherson for an Irish touchdown. ND 21-31

But the Torjans are right back in it, answering with a 92 yard run from Adoree Jackson for his third touchdown of the game. UCS 38-21

Sam Darnold pass to J Smith-Schuster for another Trojans touchdown. USC 45- 21

Irish touchdown in the last moments of the 4th, but the attempt for 2 is no good. Notre Dame 27, USC 45 

USC beats the Fighting Irish, 27-45. 

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