NRC says city proposed to cut it’s budget, asks neighbors for support

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Some neighbors in South Bend said on Monday they will show up to support the Neighborhood Resource Connection at the next public budget hearing. 

The Community Investment public budget hearing meets at 4 p.m. at the County City building on Tuesday. In a letter on Thursday, the NRC asked neighbors to “pack the room” after learning, it wrote, the current 2019 budget draft would reduce its budget by 50 percent. 

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The NRC wrote the organization could be forced to “cut programs, technical assistance, staffing and grant support for neighborhoods as early as January.” Near West Neighborhood Association President Marty Mechtenberg said the NRC has provided his group with technical and even financial support. 

“None of us are experts in this, we’re not trained as neighborhood organizers,” Mechtenberg said. “We just care about our neighborhood and so having the NRC providing those kind of resources really made a big difference.”

Mechtenberg said he was surprised because it seemed the NRC had been more active than ever. 

 The city said there was a misunderstanding. Historically, the city said, it funded the NRC at $25,000. 

A city spokesperson said the NRC’s budget was bumped up to $100,000 in 2018. The current budget, according to the city, said shows the NRC receiving $50,000.

The city said this is double the historical level. 

In a follow up email sent on September 10, the group wrote it is appreciative of the support the city has consistently given to the NRC.

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“Notwithstanding that relationship, NRC remains committed to our ultimate mission,” read the letter. “Helping neighbors build better neighborhoods.”

The NRC wrote neighbors asking them to send in written comments on their opinion of this organization, ahead of Tuesday’s meeting. Click here to find the portal

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