Nuclear Regulatory Commission hosts open house

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- Regulators reveal their findings following inspections at the D-C Cook Nuclear Power Plant in Bridgman Michigan.

The NRC shared inspection findings on the two-unit Bridgman-based plant, operated by Indiana Michigan Power Company, showing operations were safe in 2023.

And as one senior inspector explains, the open houses are less about discussing results and more about reassurances for the community.

"My concern is making sure that people know that we're there. They know what we're doing. And we can answer any questions they have. That's really the big thing that I look for when we do this meeting," stated Senior Resident Inspector Joe Mancuso.

With these results, the plant now remains under the NRC's baseline oversight, which entails continued yearly inspections. Should the safety significance exceed certain benchmarks, oversight would increase.

Mancuso continues, "The important thing to this job, to me, is the fact that I'm doing something that's related to safety for the public. So, I like to be able to come here and interact with people and answer any questions that they have."

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