Oaklawn honors kids at graduation

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Kids who progressed in programs at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center were honored Wednesday as they graduated.

The children's campus looks at the challenges the children face despite what happens in their lives. The children also got awards from the city of Mishawaka.

The Vice President for the center says these children are able to make progress despite being under pressure.

"A sense of accomplishment that they've come a way from their families, they're able to do these things under pressure, be able to look at different dynamics of what's going on in their lives, and be able to tackle some issues in their live that they weren't able to do outside of the campus," said Sharese Swafford, Vice President, Oaklawn Psychiatric Center.

The children's campus serves families in Northern Indiana.

More than 150 children are treated every day.


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