Oaks neighborhood in Mishawaka hit hard by storm

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Residents in the historic Oaks neighborhood in Mishawaka are picking up the debris after trees fell during Tuesday morning's storm. Many of the residents said it happened quickly.

A tree with a 5-foot diameter fell on Dave Mangold's house Tuesday morning during the storm.

You can't see the front porch for all the leaves and branches, but that's where Mangold was sitting just before the tree fell.

"Heard a big snap big gust of wind and it started to crush down on the front porch and I dove into the living room," said Mangold.

In a bedroom a few streets south, Ann Roberts saw a similar scene.

"It just seemed like a tornado that came through the Grove Street area," said Roberts.

She says it all happened fast.

"Probably within 10 seconds three or 4 trees went down," said Roberts.

Just next door, a large tree crumbled from the top to the bottom.

Residents are now worried about how much the clean up will cost.


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