Officials warning public about water safety at local beaches

NOW: Officials warning public about water safety at local beaches

BERRIEN COUNTY, Ind. – Silver Beach had a yellow flag warning on Monday afternoon as waves reached several feet in height. Park officials expect to upgrade it to a red flag at night and the following Tuesday.

The decision for the higher warnings comes from increased wind and wave heights that could reach six feet.

Additionally, this could mean dangerous rip currents beneath the surface.

After the recent drownings at Warren Dunes State Park, New Buffalo Beach, and Lions Park Beach, officials are playing it safe.

“Our lifeguards made the call this morning to put the yellow flags up, so swimming is allowed but they do see the waves are there and they’re going to pick up later. We do expect red flags to be hung later on. I do highly encourage people to be aware of the conditions before they come to the beach and listen closely to the lifeguards. They’re here every day, they see the changing conditions and they’re here to prevent incidences from occurring,” said Jill Adams, Environmental Property Manager, Berrien County Parks Department.

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