Ohio man accused of trying to buy a girl for sex

ALLIANCE, Ohio — An Ohio man is accused of trying to a buy a girl for sex.

The man arranged the deal online but did not know he was communicating with an undercover cop.

Police say the 36-year-old man went online looking for someone to arrange a marriage to their daughter to him.

They say he was looking for someone between five and eight years old.

His neighbors say that does not sound like the man they knew.

"I mean, he never did anything suspicious towards my kids or acted funny around them," said Shaun Loeffler. "That's why it's even more shocking."

The undercover cop told the man he could get him a 10-year-old girl, which the man agreed to. Police say he wanted to engage in sexual conduct.

The man is now in jail. He is currently charged with multiple felonies including attempted kidnapping and trafficking in persons.

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